Personal Experiences

(Meeting with a Scottish medium)


I had one of the most decisive meetings on my further way with a Scotsman. Although he was still very young, he already was a recognized medium and a gifted healer in Great Britain. One day he came to a lecture to us to Bergisch Gladbach.

Many people had assembled. After a meditation and a short lecture he made the round to bring a personal message from the spirit world to each of the present persons.

When it was my turn, he stopped and looked at me strangely. He said that he feels a great healing energy.

Everyone looked at me. It was terribly embarrassing for me. "I", I stammered "I cannot do something like that".

"Hold up your hands." he ordered. Obediently I took my hands up and felt how my palms got warm.

"What do you feel?" he asked.

"My hands are warm."

"Exact and I can feel their heat up to myself."

Later, he came back to me and recommend me to leave my forces not unused. "Although you have a natural talent for healing, you can only develop your true force by regular exercise", he pushed my hand and smiled, "Work on it."


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