Personal Experiences

(Meeting with magic)


Performing magic means nothing else but to change your world by the force of the thoughts. Each of us uses more or less consciously magic in daily life. An example of magic is "positive thinking". Imagination is a mean to center your thoughts.

The idea I got in Stansted didn't let me off any more. I wanted to start a second attempt to win my lost love back.

One evening I lit candles and dripped ethereal juniper oil into my aroma lamp. Then I quated on my meditation bench. In my left hand I held a photo of the dear woman, in the other hand a staff made of rock crystal.

I looked at the photo for a long time, then I closed my eyes and tried to reproduce the picture in front of my inner eye.

When I was thinking of holding the woman in my arms, I felt something like an intense blow drive through my body. The blow was so intense that it tore up my arms. Crystal and photo flew through the room.

By this experience I got conscious of the force in the practice of magic. And how much power I would exert on other with that when it worked. Sudden it got clear to me that power alone was not everything. I also would have to take the responsibility for it.

"All energy, which you send out, comes back to you." I had often heard these words. I am glad that I immediately got to feel the effect of the energy, which I sent out. What would have been, if such energies had accumulated by further experiments?

However, primarily: What would have been, if I had to take a collection of such energies as a karma in further life? Had I experienced this before?

As said, all of us perform magic in daily life. Since then, I try to use my energies more consciously.


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