Personal Experiences

(Meeting with Stansted)


I had my first meeting with Stansted in September 1993.

At the "Arthur Findley college" of the Spiritual Church everybody has the possibility to train his/her medial abilities in one-week-courses. The college is a castle-like building with a big park and an ancient tree population. Sensitive people feel the unusual energy, which surrounds this place. The members of the Spiritual Church see themselves as mediators between this world and the other world. In their belief there isn't any definite death. People and animals, who/which have died in our world, live now in the "spirit world". Natures, which had a connection with us in their life on earth, remain connected with us after death. In order to prove this, the media of the Spiritual Church hold sittings, in which they bring other people the messages of their relatives and friends from the spirit world. In addition the Spiritual Church offers everybody the possibility to learn reaching contact with the spirit world.

I got to know my first spiritual healers at the college. People, who devote themselves to their fellows with a lot of love and without material intentions. I would like to particularly thank G. for the time and the lovely support. And for his fertile excitations, which have influenced my way. The healer G. with his spiritual force, his good humor and his modesty has become an example for me.

I don't want to go more in detail about the exercises, which should open me the contact to the spirit world. I don't talk either about the effort, because I connected practice and study with brain-work again and again. Again and again I got to hear: " Don ' t of try too hard -- relax ". However, there is an event, about which it is important for me to report:

It had become an habit to me to go alone to the park in the evening in order to ponder. I had got more confidence in my own spiritual forces in the meantime. I remembered again the words of my non-medical practitioner that the force of my thoughts is strong enough to be able to influence others. I wanted to try it out. I thought of my love lost for a long time and tried to imagine her in my arms. My test worked straight off: a silent female figure immediately appeared in front of me, middle thirty perhaps. She was completely dressed in black and seemed to be very pretty. She somehow seemed familiar to me, but I couldn't identify her because her face was hidden by a black veil.

I had been heartily frightened. I had never seen a shadow creature so plastically before. She was so near that I would have been able to put my arms around her. I tore up horrifiedly my eyes instead and shook me. I made myself believe "I only have imagined this all". I closed the eyes once more. But the shape was immediate in front of me again. Although it still frightened me, I started to accept its presence. At this moment the phenomenon started to fade. In its place I saw clearly an old stone bridge. Its bend spanned over a foggy underground. Beginning and end of the bridge also disappeared indistinctly in the fog, but the body of the bridge could be clearly recognized. After a while this picture also faded.

The remaining days in Stansted I started to replace my experience. At the time of my return I had already forgotten it.
When I arrived at home again, a card expected me. During my visit to England my favourite uncle had died. The day of my phenomenon was my birthday and the day of his burial.


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