Personal Experiences

(Meeting with my alder)


I already pondered for one and a half years in the group. Meanwhile, I felt regularly drawn to the woods. Sometimes when I needed force, I leaned against an oak or a beech and enjoyed to feel their energies flow through me. My favourite tree, however, became an alder. I regularly stopped at it, held my hands to its tribe and leant my forehead against its bark. When something seemed indissolubly to me, I opened her my thoughts and talked to her in her way. Things, which just seemed to me as hidden under a veil from fog, were once clearly. Without becoming conscious of the voice of the alder, I suddenly had an answer to my question in myself.

By the meeting with the alder, Ireland became a topic once more, too. Connemara, Druids, meeting with the first Christians, shadow world, it was something, which was a part of me. The word "magician" came to me. I had never dealt with magic before, it never either had interested me particularly, now this topic seemed to be part of me. Was there anything in my past lives? Magic gives power -- power and faint -- my topic of life?

I had imperceptibly landed in a (life) education of which I had the feeling to have it already behind me. Magic, Otherworld, healing, my love to trees and stones - I already knew all this and had to learn it with difficulty now once more.


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