Personal Experiences

In the middle of the storm, sometimes I long for silence and peace.
In times of silence I long for the thundering of life.
When I meditate on this I notice how I love life
and how I need silence to be able to live again.

I put the original setting of this site about Druid religion into the net at the beginning of the year 2000. The years befor, I had a rapid spiritual development behind myself. Druids, Otherworld, magic and spirituality were so integrated into my life that no time remained for me to make great thoughts on it. With once I felt the urgent request to go to the public. But at this instant it wasn't really clear for me, why exactly I felt such an intensive connection to this old religion. A little more than two year passed. A time of thinking came for me. What connects me with the old religion, where actually lie my spiritual roots?

The results were the following experience reports (In order of better understanding I recommend to adhere to the order because the individual reports build on each other.):

Meeting with my godhead Meeting with my godhead

Experiences with the Otherworld Experiences with the Otherworld

Experience with the Green Island Experience with the Green Island

Meeting with an English medium Meeting with an English medium

Meeting with my alder Meeting with my alder
Meeting with Stansted Meeting with Stansted
Meeting with magic Meeting with magic
Meeting with an Scottish medium Meeting with a Scottish medium
What is also important for me? What is also important for me?