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Dear visitor of my Druid website,

My Website shall give to you some knowledge about the time of the old Druids and I would like to show that the spiritual way of the Druids is still a possibility in today's hectic time. It isn't easy for me to transfer my original German Website in the English language. My English I learnt at school is not good enough to express this special theme with all his possibilities.

Nevertheless I think I shall be able to put the most important things into the network in English soon. For the time being, I want to start with reports about my personal experiences and some information about the "old" and the "modern" Druids.

Sorry for my mode of expression which is perhaps a little strange. This is also due to a translation program I used. Still, I am looking forward to getting many contacts to spiritually orientated people, particularly from my favourite country Ireland as well as from England and Scotland.

Blessed be


Stop the quarrying at Thornborough Henges

Another sacred site is under threat!

Protect Tara

No Motorway Through The Ancient Grounds Of Tara


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